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At HMA, we understand the importance of a rich, well-balanced, and holistic curriculum. This is achieved by imparting both information and skills in a variety of ways that develop each child intellectually, spiritually, and physically. If a curriculum is fed only by information, then our learners will not be well-rounded individuals with insight into good human character.

As educators, we take on the responsibility to supplement the information-rich curriculum with values, ethics, and morals. We aim to nurture our children so that they may grow into well-adjusted adults with exemplary character, self-assuredness, confidence, and a strong self-identity. We strive to develop children who will become adults that inspire, invent, innovate, change and mold society. If we are persistent in surpassing our physical, intellectual, and spiritual condition, we will be admirable role models for the impressionable young minds who look to our every move for guidance and understanding.

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