Meet the HMA Family

We have a professional and dedicated team driven by a shared vision and mission. HMA is governed by a robust and dedicated Board of Governors with diverse and specialist experience, Our mandate is predicated on ensuring compliance, effective governance, strategy formulation and execution, financial sustainability and relevance of the HMA in a continually changing educational landscape. The Principal and executive team ensure effective operations and strategy execution. Our team of highly competent and passionate educators are instrumental in helping us make our vision and mission come alive.

The Board of Governers

Yussuf Bham


Imran Osman

Vice Chairman

Yousuf Laher


Shayda Arbee


Aneesa Desai

Muzaffar Loot


Moulana Ridwaan Hoosen

Yusuf Bhamjee

The School Management Team

Muhammed Zunaid Nanabhay


Mufti Zaid Minty

Ameer & Revealed Sciences HOD

Razia Pilodia

Head of Operations

Taleh Bux

Financial Administrator

Coach Obaydullah Ebrahim

Head of Sports

Aadilah Ismail

HOD Pre-preparatory

Shaazia Laher

HOD Foundation Phase

Mohamed Zuber Dada

HOD Intersen Phase

Mohammed Yaaseen Ebrahim

Head of I.T

Our Office Staff

Tsona Motsepe


Mohsin Wadee

Finance Assistant

Raheema Kooreyshi

Administrative Assistant

Our Support Staff

Simvula Asiatu

Faaiza Mwamba

Khoza Gloria

Tau Jane

Deliwe Elizebeth Rasebeka

Legare Michelle

Qinisa Nelly

Shisane Nettah

Falita Patricia

Adonisi Zizipho

Mukanaka Mica

Milanzi Sakina

Filita Maria

Our Educators

Naseema Chicktay


Tasneem Latha


Muneerah Malek


Fatima Peer


Shahana Moola

Foundation Phase

Sumayya Mohamed

Foundation Phase

Leyha Rahiman

Foundation Phase

Shaaziya Loonat

Foundation Phase

Aalia Hassen

Foundation Phase

Mahdiyya Mansoor

Foundation Phase

Tasneem Kadwa

Foundation Phase

Aamena Vawda

Intersen Phase

Ayesha Bayat

Intersen Phase

Fatima Bham

Intersen Phase

Tegan McGill-McGowan

Intersen Phase

Thea Muller

Intersen Phase

Muhammed Mahmood Kola

Intersen Phase & Islamiyaat Department

Zaheeda Omar

Intersen Phase

Attiya Sheik

Intersen Phase

Humaira Hoosen

Intersen Phase

Apa Shaakira Ismail

Islamiyaat Department

Mualim Muaaz

Islamiyaat Department

Apa Sumayyah Ebrahim

Islamiyaat Department

Apa Nazeera Limalia

Islamiyaat Department

Apa Faaiza Motara

Islamiyaat Department

Apa Farhana Mitha

Islamiyaat Department

Apa Soomaya Seedat

Intersen Phase & Islamiyaat Department