Beyond The Classroom


We prescribe to a healthy body – healthy mind ethos and thus encourage our learners to participate fully in all sporting activities to help them identify their passions and develop their sporting abilities.

Through inter-school tournaments and competitions, we promote collaboration; healthy competition and cross-cultural participation enabling our learners to engage with peers from other schools and expand their cultural awareness.

In addition to our internal sports programme, we identify and partner with experts in various extra-mural disciplines to offer our learners access to the very best opportunities to enhance their development and growth.


At HMA we believe technology plays an integral role in both the curriculum we teach and the values we instill in our learners, for this very reason we strive to ensure learners are educated on various aspects of modern-day ITC, ranging from the very basics of computing and Office 365 and challenging our learners to push their boundaries with a curriculum designed to delve into coding, 3D printing, and Minecraft. 

The school runs on a fibre connection which provides internet access to all areas of the facility.  All classes are equipped with smart boards which allow for seamless integration of technology into any lesson, whether secular or islamiyaat. The computer center is a classroom like any other and its main purpose is to educate learners in the use of computers, ensuring that they are computer literate and confident to use any device.

Our educators are constantly being trained and supported in discovering new ways of deploying technology into their lessons.