Houghton Muslim Academy

Your State of the Heart School


Welcome to The Houghton Muslim Academy! 

HMA is an institution which prides itself with a very high standard and benchmark of Islamic teaching and nurturing. HMA drives a very rich and profound vision and mission which equips our learners to contend with all sorts of challenges they are prone to face and essentially, live a life of fulfilment and contentment.

Lessons are taught with a holistic approach in order to equip our learners to face challenges appropriately whilst coming together as true ambassadors and role models. Teaching by example is a hallmark which educators exhibit at all times.



Learners are thus taught to be leaders rather than followers and indeed, stand out as exemplary role-models. The rich teachings of Islam are imbedded in learners with a high level of love and respect. The love of Allah and the love of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are rooted foremost within our learners. As we strongly believe that, once this love is firmly entrenched in the heart, that is when the love of Islam will permeate and saturate their lives with a very colourful charisma and make it most meaningful and fulfilling. We can thus develop and advance into becoming exemplary fellow citizens and add to being part of a fabric of a sound and empathetic society.